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I am a Family Practice doc in Boulder, CO with a particular interest in wellness and prevention. I grew up in Michigan, in a family that appreciates good food, likes to cook, and is also conscious of the importance of healthy, well-balanced meals. As a kid, I learned from my mom and dad how make a world of tasty and healthy food, and a few weird things as well (my mom was eating flax and Vegemite before they were fads…maybe Vegemite has yet to become a fad). I carried this love of food and cooking into adulthood, and enjoy sharing it with others.

I also love to dance, hike, swim and generally be active and in nature, so when I started having one injury after another that wouldn’t heal and prevented me from doing my activities, I started thinking about the various diets I have come across in medicine that seem to be helpful for inflammation-related conditions. I didn’t want to just follow one of the fad diets out there because of my scientific and doctorly nature, so started doing my own research. I found that most of the fad diets out there had the same basic principals, which hold with a lot of what we know about food science and food as medicine. If you focus on having lots of anti-oxidant rich fruits, veggies and healthy fats, cut out or reduce processed sugar and things that people are more likely sensitive to (for example wheat and dairy), your body has less inflammation and feels better. I decided to try it to help myself feel better, and document my research, and also my recipes so that maybe others who are interested would see that the anti-inflammatory diet (which can seem very daunting and restrictive) can actually be pretty easy and delicious.

I still love to cook (and my husband loves to eat) all kinds of pro-inflammatory things, so I will have recipes for that kind of stuff too for anyone who is interested. Hope you enjoy!





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