Ginger Turmeric Latte

Cold, snowy days call for warm cozy beverages. Below is my attempt at the delicious ginger turmeric latte I had at Hovey & Harrison (pictured above) in Edwards, CO (about 15 minutes from Vail). Mine definitely didn’t look as pretty, but sure was tasty.

Start by grating up about 1 tbs each of peeled fresh ginger and turmeric using a microplane or fine grater. Wear dish gloves if you have them so your fingers don’t stain.


Add about 1 1/2 cups of your preferred milk substitute – I used almond/cashew milk to let the spice flavors really shine (for homemade almond milk check out this recipe), but coconut would be good too. Mix for a couple minutes. It is also fine to leave it for a few hours or overnight. Using a fine mesh sieve or mesh nut bag (or actually a pair of pantyhose work well), strain the milk, ensure as much liquid as possible is removed from the ginger-turmeric pulp. If you are more than  couple weeks out from starting the anti-inflammatory diet, you can add date syrup to taste for a little extra sweetness.  If the ginger is too strong you can always add more milk substitute.

snowy drink (1)

Maybe my next adventure will be coffee art.


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