Culinary Explorations

Hi, I’m Rebecca. I love to cook, bake and eat good food. I love to experiment in the kitchen and learn, and, like everyone, I love to feel good. I also happen to be a primary care doctor in Boulder, CO so have a vested interest in making food that is both delicious and healthy – with a modest amount of detour to the just delicious realm. And this means eating colorfully. I realized that over the years I have made some pretty tasty dishes (as well as a fair amount of not so tasty ones) and because I often am just putting things together that seem good or modifying recipes, I don’t have a way to exactly recreate the dishes that turn out to be good, or avoid the ones that don’t. I figured a blog would be a fun way to document my kitchen adventures, and maybe someone else could get some use of it as well. I hope you enjoy!

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