Quick and Easy Breakfast (or lunch or dinner)

The key to maintaining any kind of diet or lifestyle is making it easy (or at least not seeming like its a ton of work). I do love to cook more elaborate, fancy things, but a lot of the time you really need something you can just throw together in 10 minutes. These are a couple options for quick and nutritious breakfasts that get you protein and the plate of veggies that I love. Pictured here with eggs, but just as easy and tasty to make with sauteed tofu or tempeh as well.

Option 1 (the easiest)

20180407_1401211679711706.jpgFry 1 or 2 eggs (or tofu) to your liking – I prefer over medium. With 2 eggs I usually take one of the yolks out because I eat eggs often enough I need to make sure I’m not getting too much cholesterol. As a general rule of thumb keep it to about 1 yolk per day.  Put tofu/eggs atop a nice bed of greens (per usual, I love arugula mixed with some spring greens). Top with a nice dash of seasoned salt, turmeric and olive oil (if you are feeling fancy use garlic infused olive oil – made by putting a couple cloves of crushed garlic in olive oil and letting it hang out overnight). And thats it. Yes there is some bacon in the background of this picture. I haven’t given that up.


Option 2

20180408_110150513039521.jpgPretty similar to the tofu scramble, but still quick and easy. Chop some beet greens (including stems) and tomato and a little onion if you like that. Sautee for a minute in olive oil then add egg or tofu, about 1/4 tsp of turmeric, season salt to taste and (garlic) olive oil as above and cook for another few minutes. Place atop greens again. This time without bacon.

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